Monday, April 19, 2010


Benjamin has a strong obsession with doors and refrigerators. His preoccupation with doors has made it possible for me to get things done. I would just put him in front of a door and I would have several minutes to get something done. As he perfected his crawling skills this solution has not worked. He has what I call "refrigerator speed." Once he hears a door open, preferably the fridge, he crawls with all the speed he can muster to get there before we close it. I no longer have been able to get anything done because I spend every minute keeping him out of the dishwasher, fridge, and other various places involving doors.

I needed a solution. I needed a distraction. I am convinced toys are really cool things invented by parents who needed diversion tactics. While shopping with a friend we stumbled upon a consignment sale. I found two fantastic toys that have doors. One of these items was a kitchen. It has 3 doors he can open and close! His Grandma got it for him for his birthday. Which leads me to why we need the marriage ref. So in place of calling the NBC show, I will post for you all to comment and judge.

Is a kitchen set a gender neutral toy?

I like to think we are encouraging the next Bobby Flay to make his mark on the culinary world.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Sweet Tea. The first step to reclaiming my life back

Sweet Tea. Oh How I have missed you.

For the last 19 months I have highly restricted caffeine due to pregnancy and nursing. For the first time in a year and a half I don't have a life literally depending on my body for food! And to celebrate freedom I have had three large sweet teas in one week.

Thanks to the vast search results of Google my search for a picture also yielded the fact that each glass of tea is 310 calories. Fantastic! I will think about that next week when I introduce running back into life.

In addition to the flexibility of a caffeinated beverage I have started to read for fun again. In fact, if I am being honest, that is partly why I wanted to stop nursing. I need those spare 20 minutes of time each day to read Francine Rivers' newest book. It was released in March. I love her novels! I have been impatiently waiting for her to finish this novel for three years. So the Medella pump is taking the shelf as the books come off it.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter Weekend Part 2

Benjamin is really into giving hugs and kisses. He hugs and kisses with all of his might. He smashes his face as hard as he can into yours. Then he kisses you and sometimes the teeth can get you. And as the recipient of his affection you tend to look like this when he is loving on you. Grandpa and Benjamin sure do love each other!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter weekend Part 1

We started the weekend out with a party. This party was Benjamin's biggest fan/girlfriend Ava's party. So We broke out the Nike Shocks to show off.
Our friends Ashley and Robbie asked us to go mini golfing with them Saturday. We had to do something we could bring a one year old sweetie and Benjamin along. After calling ahead and finding out the coarse is not stroller friendly we had to come up with plan B (pictured above). Benjamin was a great sport and loved it. But wow, did my back ached by the end.

Benjamin had a cold for nearly three weeks that turned into a sinus infection. He was prescribed a yucky tasting antibiotic. He HATES it! Pictured below is his face one day after he ate it.

We couldn't leave you with a sad face. This was a really busy weekend. I will have to post part two of the weekend later this week. It will include some pictures of a dapper young man in his Easter suit!