Thursday, September 6, 2012

Drinking Coffee and Talking About Jesus

One might think coffee is simply a morning pick-me-up.  But to our son Benjamin it has a completely different meaning.  It means love.  It means Nana and Papa.  It means talking about Jesus.

When his Nana and Papa come to town they stay the night and faithfully break out the coffee maker every morning and have a cup of liquid treat.  At least that is how Benjamin sees it.  Ever since Benjamin was tiny, Nana would tell him some day we are going to sit and drink coffee together and talk about Jesus.  This sweet confession of Nana's has turned into reality.  Every visit from his beloved Grandparents means he will get one on one attention full of songs and bible readings about Jesus.  And lets not forget his very own cup of Java.  (Its mostly milk, but don't tell him that.)

When he knows his Nana and Papa are at his house, he gets out of bed with a mission:  It's time to drink coffee and talk about Jesus.

You got to watch that Papa on the refills though.
He tends to be a little more generous on the coffee,  little less  on the milk.
I was able to get a sneak into the room to film a little bit of "talking about Jesus."

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Benjamin's 3rd Birthday - Part 2

Benjamin's party was on Mother's Day after church.  This was also our anniversary and Ethan's birthday.  Too much in one weekend so we kept the celebration to family only. We had the family over for a water gun fight and cookout.  All these boy cousins really liked the water gun fight.  

Tanner and Benjamin getting Jonathan.

Ethan hiding in the house because the water just might get him.  

Ethan and Benjamin celebrating.

Happy Sister!  

Benjamin enjoying his gift from Grandma and Grandpa before bed.   He had a great day!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Benjamin's 3rd Birthday - Part 1

Benjamin's Birthday was a blast.  As always, he did everything with an abundance of energy and excitement. The birthday celebration started on Friday.  We were so thankful to have his Nana and Papa come to town for a fun birthday celebration.  His day started with coffee and talking about Jesus with Nana and Papa (another post on this coming soon).  Then we just relaxed and enjoyed each other.

Somehow the present always blocks that big smile in the picture. 
Our sweet, energetic, overflowing with life three year old!

Nana making the grand birthday cake entrance as we all join in song.

He REALLY enjoyed the cake entrance and candle blowing.

So we did it again.

And again.

And again.

This is the best birthday ever face!

I don't know what is yet, but I know I will enjoy it to the fullest!
My musical card lovin' kid enjoying every bit.
Little sister taking in some party fun.
Note to self... next time we celebrate any birthday or picture worthy event make sure everyone gets out of their pjs (with the exception of Christmas), even if the party is early in the day.  I think Benjamin and Papa were the only two in the bunch that were dressed that day.  Us girls were still in PJs and lounge  clothes without make-up....ooops.

Friday, May 11, 2012

7 Months

Anna is 7 months old! (Well, Last month she was when I started this post)  What a delight she is to us!
I know this a lot of text at the end, but this is my little memory keeper.

She FINALLY sleeps in her bed all night. For whatever reason she only would sleep in the swing for months. She would still be sleeping there if I didn't make it my month long project (despite the sleepless nights on my end.)  However, she does still wake up several times a night! I have not sleep an 8 hour night since before she was born. Learning to function on no sleep with all those all-nighters in college followed by track meets and long runs were great training for children.

  • She enjoys the swing outside to the fullest! It never fails to bring a smile to her face.
  • She still sits with us in church. She is so good and cuddly the whole service. When Anna missed a service a few weeks ago it had all the ladies at the church in a stir. They all love to watch her pay attention and hear her sweet sounds. She even helps Pastor preach with an amen in the right spot every time. She tunes in on Pastor Karen voice. In fact, we play Pastor Karen's messages in the car or house and she will stop crying when she hears her.
  • She started sitting up on her own this month. She really enjoys her time on the blanket surrounded with toys. Benjamin likes to give (and take away) her toys. Anna thinks it is brilliant when Benjamin comes up and gives her a kiss or talks to her. She ADORES him.
  • Anna has a very big need for human touch. She likes to have human contact at all times. She is not particular about who holds her and long as you have love in your heart. If you are busy she will settle for playing on her own with someone in eyesight. Mom loves this quality, even though it makes getting chores done a little difficult at times. 
  • Anna really likes being dressed up.  She still lets me adorn her with bows and braclets.  
  • She is getting very vocal. Loud squeals and exclamations are frequent.
  • We started baths in the big tub this past month and it was a hit. I think we have another water baby on our hands. Benjamin has taken a couple baths with Anna. Bath time is his favorite thing aside from outside. So sharing this with sister rocks his world. It can be a work out for me.
  • Breast milk is still her favorite food of choice. However, she does enjoy her cereal and food more and more. I reached my counting down stage with the whole pumping routine. Only 5 more months!
  • Anna wears mostly 9-12 months clothes. Some of those are starting to get small. She is really long/tall. Yeah!
  • Outside air calls to her. She drinks it in. She had a fever two weeks ago and the only way to get her to sleep was to take her out on the patio and let the fresh air do its thing.
  • Anna has a way of dispensing love to those around her. She has a way of brightening everyone's day, bringing strangers to happy tears, and sharing peace and joy with those around her.  
  • Anna has one tooth.

Friday, February 3, 2012


Benjamin and his Grandpa. What a relationship. It started when Benjamin was still little. Benjamin is full of life and laughter.  Even when he was about 6 months old he would belly laugh so hard it would go through his whole body. Grandpa has always known the right thing to do or say to make Benjamin's day and encourage that laughter to new hieghts.
One day Benjamin was at his Grandpa's house while He was at work.  Benjamin played with his picture that day until he got home.  He even made the tiger play bit and roar at him in the picture.  
This is what Benjamin's face looks like the majority of the time he is with Grandpa.
Benjamin is all about a good wrestle, tickle, and game of rough housing. Grandpa is a pro and delivering in this area.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Anna's Room

We did not start decorating Anna's room until about 2.5 weeks before she arrived. My goal was to get through youth camp and then the next three weekends would go toward room prep. Well, she came early and things did not go exactly as planned. I actually just hung stuff for the first time the week after Christmas. Here are a few pictures of her room. Her room is a faint shade of purple. Please excuse the dark pictures. Jonathan is the only one that knows how to use the DSLR. So we had to use my faithful camera with flash.
Anna wrapped in her blanket from Miss Evelyn (Nan). What a wonderful lady.

It is hard to tell the lighting with this camera.
Her room is so bright and peaceful with the perfect amount of outside light.
I found this amazing crib on craiglist.

My good friend Ashley was so sweet
and painted beautiful letters I hung above her bed.
I love them.

My friend Dana painted the picture I hung it above my favorite chair.
I enjoy rocking my cuddle muffin in this chair.

This was my second pinterest craft. I brought a framed cork board from Hobby Lobby on 50% off day. Took out the cork backing. Then stapled ribbons to the frame to hold her bows. I have even more bows now. Girls are just so much fun!
Time to be real. I have yet to get a cloths bin for her room.
So we have a beautiful pink pile in the corner.

There are a few more projects I am working on for her room and then it will be done.
I have had a few requests to show some pictures of the progress so far.
Hopefully I can mark this project complete soon.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Big Bed

I have noticed I major change in parenting when you have more than one child. When you have the first child there is the constant burning question, Is our baby ready for_____? As a new parent you are trying to figure out all the stages and developmental steps. When is it time to dispose of the plug (pacifier)? When do we introduce food? Is he ready for exersaucer play? The new parent is exactly that, new. You are looking to the child to decide what to induce and leave behind. The parent with more than one child learns a new question. When am I ready for the next stage? As a parent you still are looking at your child's ques for the next stage, but I am hearing in my head the new burning question. Am I really ready for that?

It all started when I became pregnant with Anna. We had to decide what to do about the room situation. Benjamin was still in his crib and about 18 months. Let me just say he LOVED his crib. At first I was all about switching rooms and transitioning him to a toddler bed. Then that question started ringing in my head. AM I ready for that? Ready to make sure he stays in all night? Ready to give up the security of knowing he is safe and not spreading butter all over my kitchen walls(true story)? I am I ready to give up the ability to say, "just play in your crib a little more while mom just sleeps 5 more minutes?" Well, the answer was no. Why would I do that to myself? So we decided to purchase another crib and get a toddler bed later. Best decision ever.

Well, Benjamin spent the nearly another year in his crib. Even though he figured out how to crawl out he would obey and stay. Apparently he had a new years resolution to take things to the next level. On New Years' Day he decided he could not wait a second longer for me to finish nursing Anna to rescue him from the crib. He has such a cute face full of pride, adventure, and sneakiness when he open his door that first day. I laughed so hard. From that moment it was over. He got out and mom laughed, therefore it is okay. So toddler bed, here we come....

Benjamin vibrated with excitement the whole afternoon we took off the side off his crib. The next few hours he spent climbing in and out of his bed on his own accord.
We made a mistake the first night. Big one. We did not go buy the side rail for his bed. He woke up every hour that first night. He fell out a few times and I think he missed the comfort and security of the crib.
The first thing we did after church the next day was purchase a side rail for his bed.

Anna was laughing hard at Brother.
Benjamin was beyond excited. It was hard not to catch the giggles from his contagious laugh.

"Big Bed" + cuddling with George and Sister + Razorback blanket = Sheer delight

"Big Bed"
His animals got a turn to get in and out of bed on their own.

And he topped off the transition with a "hallelujah."