Friday, November 18, 2011

Brother love

I know. It has been WAY too long since I posted anything. Every moment I am not at work, with youth, or feeding someone - I am holding my kiddos. I LOVE being a mom. Plus Anna is the most cuddly little buddle of snuggles. When Benjamin has a nap and I have special time with Anna I get lost in just holding her.

Having a girl has changed me! I make over the top big bows, blankets, and burp cloths. I find myself working on decorations during nap times. I have found myself wishing I owned a ruffle foot attachment for my sewing machine. Four months ago I didn't even know a bobbie or ruffler foot exhisted. Wait, it is unreal that I even have a sewing machine. Having a little girl has been SO much fun! It brings out the girl in me. Who would have thought? I grew up doing boy stuff with my older brother who I adored. Then was always involved with athletics through high school and college. I knew I wanted always wanted a girl, but I am loving this way more than I ever thought I would.

Benjamin is the big brother every sister needs. Anna and Benjamin already have a special relationship...He takes frequent breaks from his world of trucks and cars to make silly faces for Anna. Nearly every hour he throws down his toy mid play, runs to give "baby" a kiss or hug, and then promplty returns to his imaginary world of play. The only ounce of jealousy I have seen is when the other little girls at church hold his sister. The protective big bro takes a defensive stance and watches over Anna like a hawk until she is safely back in Mama's hands. Benjamin asks for Baby first thing every morning and cannot go to bed without giving her a kiss. This affection is two fold. She watches every little thing he does. They laugh at each other all day. It seems as though they have their own code talk only they can understand. Watching his love for her unfold has been one of the sweetest things I have ever witnessed.
Benjamin serenading Anna with a song from his hermonica.

Here she is being a big girl in Bumbo chair. It is much easier to watch busy brother that way.
Grandma A made a trip to visit to Oklahoma. Anna perfected her coos and smiles just in time to greet Great Grandma. She is ready to visit more family over Christmas! Get ready.

Don't let this senstive side of Benjamin fool you. He is still as tough as ever. Climbing and wrestling are still top of this list.
It is football season. Basically every Saturday is all about Razorback football, grilling, and family. Daddy taught Benjamin to tackle during half time, which was a big hit. Benjamin loves watching the games. Every touchdown is celebrated with a lap around the living room. Benjamin says please until we all do it, even Anna must join the fun. The other night Benjamin went to sleep hugging a football with one hand and razorback blanket with the other. Daddy walked out of the room with a proud heart after tucking him in that night.
welp, the football game just started. Time to go...