Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas Program

Our Christmas season has been packed with extra time with family and friends, parties, and programs. Little Benjamin was in his first program. To be honest when I first found out he was in the school program I thought, "why - he is 18mos old." I quickly got past the idea that one more thing would be a blast and rather cute. Well, it was not more than 3 minutes after I walked in the auditorium that I learned why they really have the 18 month olds in the musical. It is to equip you for when they are a little older. I followed all the rules about getting seats and when I could enter the building. Little did I know the only people that abide by the "picture taking -saving seats -when to enter the building rules" are the first time parents to the school. You have to have a Mama's fight rise up in you to get those seats and a good picture. Haha. You just wait next year other parents...I am coming to the game ready to play.

Ever since his program he likes to carry around his jingle bells and shake them to anyone who will sing Jingle Bells.

Benjamin's class dressed up as Legos for the Christmas Program. He did not want his picture taken AT ALL. This is the best we got.

I have tried several times to upload a movie of his program. For some reason I get an error every time. Sorry Grandparents...