Thursday, December 16, 2010


There are not many trees in Oklahoma. It is rather frustrating that the developers in this area cut down every tree in an area before the start building on it. Consequently, Benjamin has yet to see a yard overtaken with leaves. We visited some family the week before Thanksgiving. The moment he ran in the leaves he thought the long drive was worth it. He pointed to the leaves and looked at me with questioning eyes that asked, "Mom, what is this on the ground and why haven't I seen this sooner!?" Thank God for trees and leaves.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Oh, Where is my toothbrush?

Most people know that I when I grew up we always had young kids in the home. Which meant there were always moments of distress due to lost items. Let me give you and example. Every Sunday. I really mean every Sunday morning for about three years involved a frantic search for my little sisters church shoes. Somehow they got lost every week. They would be under the coach, in the bookcase, or at the very bottom of the toy box. My parents would yell at all of us older kids to look harder and quicker until each shoe was found. I remember thinking as a child, "When I am older I will make sure my children do not do this. How hard can it be to make sure your toddler does not misplace things."

Welp, it has started happening in our house. Every. I really mean every night around bedtime we cannot find Benjamin's toothbrush. We look everywhere. At times I have to get Jonathan to help me look for one of his three toothbrushes we have floating around the house. Yesterday as we were looking through toy boxes and under the coach Jonathan said something that took me back to my childhood. With frustration he yelled, "Diana, how hard can it be to make sure he doesn't misplace his toothbrush." I got a little frustrated at him for about two seconds before I laughed at myself and thought about every Sunday morning looking for Daisy's shoes. I was so mad at my parents. Haha...I guess we end up doing things just like our parents after all. Even the silly things.

The next morning Benjamin was really upset one of his favorite toys would not work right. I came over to help. What was blocking the balls from going through the pipe? A toothbrush.

P.S. - For those that are tempted, please don't tell me ways to keep track of his toothbrush. I know what the problem is. If you look away for even 3 seconds when he is brushing he takes and hides it. He really likes to brush his teeth and likes to stick his toothbrush in small weird, special places.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween 2010

I knew for weeks that we had a party at church the night of Halloween. In fact, I was signed up to help with games and food. I knew we needed costumes. So I am not sure what happened. It was hours before the party and I am rummaging through the closet for costumes. This is what we ended up with....

I was something that glows. I am not sure really. The theme was "Glow in the Dark" as sons of God. I had about 10 glow sticks around my neck and wore all of the brightest things I could find. Thankfully, Jonathan had some painfully bright hunting items. I piled it on despite the fact that neon orange is not my "color." Believe it or not the kids loved it. The necklace was hit. I was mobbed after the games as I attempted to give out the glow sticks. Basically, with kids you can make anything fun.

Benjamin's outfit was sitting in the closet since Christmas. Last year my parents built a house for a couple from the east (I forgot which country). They were so nice and gave us these fun outfits they made for their son. It was perfect. Surprisingly, Benjamin enjoyed wearing the hat all night.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pumpkin Patch 2010

Benjamin threw a fit at being held when there was so much to explore. We just turned that frown upside down to get a smile.

Dad did most of the feeding of the goats. I really didn't like you can see by my face.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Good Bye Curls

Benjamin's hair was getting a little wild. At times it looked like a reverse mullet. Excessivily long in the front, short with curls in the back. I realized it was time for a cut as I was about to walk into Wal-mart the other day. I felt a twinge of embarassment as I looked at my smiling son. If I am embarrassed of his hair going into Wal-Mart it is time. So we took him in for his first official cut. When we walked into Great Clips he looked like my sweet little baby...when we left he looked like a BIG boy. I will admit I felt a little emotional all night at the transformation. He is growing so fast.

I took a picture of the little curls I love so much ( a little dishoveled after his nap).

Mom..another chunk of hair got stuck on my dum dum. Next sucker.

5 suckers later....
We do not have a good picture of the new do. Mainly because as we were walking out the door the hair dresser opened a cabinet to get something and Benjamin let out a huge "OOOOHHHHOHHHHH!" At that moment nothing else mattered - not even his ballon. His eyes locked in on the largest tub of dum dum suckers. So you will just have to trust me it is short and cute.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day at the park

I admit we did not frequent the parks this summer unless they involved water. Not much of a fan of standing out in sweltering heat while I watch my son get frustrated that his hot legs stick to the slide as he tries to go down. Meanwhile, I am wishing I could watch him from the shade and wondering why Oklahoma likes to cut down all its trees. Now that temp is in the 70s I am game. So the last couple of weeks have included extra trips to the park. Here are some pictures from one of our Saturdays we were able to go as a family. All of the football games half-times had to align just right for this to happen. By the way He still doesn't like to say much, but he will say "Foot (pause) Ball" many times on Saturdays. This makes Daddy so proud.

If you think that this boy's hair is getting way too long....stay tuned for the next post.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Overdue updates

Okay the posts have been rather sparse lately. It is because we have been double dose busy this past month. Benjamin is doing much better. After a few weeks he was still was limping more than we or the doctors liked to see. The doctor ordered a second round of x-rays and everything looks good now. He still suspects it may have been a fracture but the good news is everything shows he has healed. He is back to running, climbing, and all things adventure.

This bit of news should be a post by itself, but for the sake of time this is it. Jonathan and I have accepted the role of youth pastors at our church. I have had the privelage of working with the youth for the last year and loved every minute. God has really put them in our hearts over the last several months. So I cannot say I was suprised when I found out this was a part of God's plan for our lives.

The other set of huge news is Benjamin is going to be a big brother! We are pregnant and expecting another sweet baby mid April. The morning sickness has been so much more mild this round, and in fact it is already over!

A few weekends back we had some extra time off and took a trip to MO to see family. We had a great time. I have had requests to show some pictures of the Benjamin so here are a few from this month.
Benjamin loved their dog Zuzu. If only Benjamin's mom would let him get a dog.
Nana and Benjamin having cuddle time before bed.

Our cool dude did great with all the hours in the car. The car was OVERTAKEN with crumbs after the trip. Jonathan took the car to vacuum it as soon as we got back.

Grandpa and Grandma bought him a wagon.
Benjamin thoroughly enjoyed riding all over the property.

We ended the trip with playing the piano.
Benjamin sang with all his might as he hit the keys.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


On Wednesday we got a call from Benjamin's Daycare that he hurt his leg and was having trouble standing/walking on it. We ended up taking him to urgent care. It is hard seeing your little boy hurt.
Here we are in the room waiting for the Doctor.
The doctor then sent us to imaging to get an x-ray. More waiting.

Daddy giving little man some hugs while we were waiting for the x-ray results.
He does not have any broken bones, thankfully. It is still bothering him to walk, but at least he is walking some these last two days. We know God is our healer and we will continue to see improvements. In the meantime I am taking advantage of my little man enjoying cuddletime. He normally has way too much to explore to stop and cuddle.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Spoonfuls of Fun

Benjamin has been working on using his spoon and fork. He enjoys the challenge and the mess. It is fair to say he is getting lots of extra baths right now.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Welcome Eli

My newest nephew, Eli William, was born July 14th

My sister makes birthing babies look easier than sitting on the couch eating tasty carbs.

I keep trying to come up with reasons why I should go see my sister so I can hold this precious joy.
I love being an aunt(again)!

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Greats

Last month was special for Benjamin and some of his Great-Grandparents that got to meet for the first time over our New York trip. He even got to meet Great-Great family members.
Here are few of the shots from those special moments.
Every family gathering taking place between July and August involves 3-4 dozen ears of sweet corn freshly harvested from the local farms. Benjamin was a pro. He now gets really excited when he sees corn on the cob is for dinner.
Great - Grandma A (my mom's mom) was loving all of the grand and great-grandchildren.
She took us to her usually "Friday Fish Fry."
Great-Grandma A!
Great -Grandma & Grandpa Hall meet Tanner and Benjamin for the first time! Also we are celebrating Grandma is officially in remission. No more cancer!
This another really warm day without air conditioning. So a trip to the store to find a pool to cool us all off was worth every penny. When I say all I mean adults too. We all pulled our chairs up to the pool and dangled our feet in the water as we visited fore several hours that afternoon.
Great-Grandma Hall taught Benjamin how to eat an ice cream cone. It was sweet.