Friday, February 12, 2010

Nine Months and on the Go

Benjamin is now 9 months old. He got his two bottom teeth for Christmas. He got his two top teeth this week and working on a few more. He is crawling and exploring everything. His new favorite thing is to pull up on the coach or your leg and then look at you for a proud acknowledgement of what he just accomplished.

Dad and Little Razorback ready to cheer.

He loves to destroy the stack of magazines we keep under the coffee table. You can see he really goes for the Parents magazines. He sometimes brings them to me. I think he may be trying to tell me something.


  1. Yay--you updated again! Benjamin is SO stinkin' cute--I can't believe he's so big already!!! :) I LOVE these pictures, and I think he looks like you!! The stocking cap pic at the bottom is precious too!

  2. Diana you are so beautiful! You look so happy with your precious baby!