Friday, February 11, 2011

Snow Fun

Snow! Oh, how I love huge record breaking snow storms. It was like pressing pause on life and enjoying the ones I love most without any interuptions. Quality time gets me every time. It was a wonderful few days of being locked in the house. A week of fun, baked tastey goodness, cleaning, and relaxation. As busy as we can be it was so great to spend 3 days in pjs. Here are some pictures of Benjamin enjoying the snow. We actually took him out when the impressive 14 inches were still on the ground. HE HATED IT. Apparently, it is a little scary to fall off the sled when the snow swallows you up to your chest. Once it warmed a bit and the roads were a little more packed down Benjamin could not get enough. Enjoy...


  1. Hi Benjamin! You look so cool on your snow sled! Nana loves your stripey orange mittens and your cool shades! You look like your having a Winter BLAST! Of course Mom and Dad look cool too! Nana loves and misses you! xxoo

  2. Hey Benjamin...I don't want to miss out on the blog action.I remember when your Daddy loved to play in the snow too and also when he didn't.......I love you all. J, Diana and Benjamin.Come on spring...Papa Bouldin