Saturday, May 7, 2011

Easter Sunday Cheese

Benjamin decided the week of Easter that screaming cheese with all his might is the only way to take a picture. So we have a ton of pictures with his intense cheese face. This new way of taking pictures is quite welcome. He at least stands still. For the last 4 months Benjamin has been blurry in every picture because he is always on the GO. He knows one speed. Fast.
Benjamin loving on Grandma.
This was the best we got for a family picture. Most of them have Benjamin's mouth wide open screaming cheese and we are laughing our faces off.
And here are a few pics more for Nana...

After church on Easter we had our family over to celebrate Jesus! What a blessing it is to see our family growing! All the little cousins did an egg hunt after dinner. It was hit.

Once Benjamin discovered the eggs are full of candy the hunt was over. He would just stop and eat the loot from that egg before going back to the hunt. However, his cousin Tanner was very experienced in egg hunting and had a basketfull in minutes. I think Benjamin had 3 total eggs in his bucket at the end.

(please excuse the poor pic quality here - camera phone)
Benjamin realized that is was much easier just to take all the eggs from his cousin's basket after the hunt was done.
Ethan sat here for over 30 minutes eating candy. He was too focused to even look at me for picture.

It was a wonderful Easter Sunday! We are blessed.

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