Friday, May 11, 2012

7 Months

Anna is 7 months old! (Well, Last month she was when I started this post)  What a delight she is to us!
I know this a lot of text at the end, but this is my little memory keeper.

She FINALLY sleeps in her bed all night. For whatever reason she only would sleep in the swing for months. She would still be sleeping there if I didn't make it my month long project (despite the sleepless nights on my end.)  However, she does still wake up several times a night! I have not sleep an 8 hour night since before she was born. Learning to function on no sleep with all those all-nighters in college followed by track meets and long runs were great training for children.

  • She enjoys the swing outside to the fullest! It never fails to bring a smile to her face.
  • She still sits with us in church. She is so good and cuddly the whole service. When Anna missed a service a few weeks ago it had all the ladies at the church in a stir. They all love to watch her pay attention and hear her sweet sounds. She even helps Pastor preach with an amen in the right spot every time. She tunes in on Pastor Karen voice. In fact, we play Pastor Karen's messages in the car or house and she will stop crying when she hears her.
  • She started sitting up on her own this month. She really enjoys her time on the blanket surrounded with toys. Benjamin likes to give (and take away) her toys. Anna thinks it is brilliant when Benjamin comes up and gives her a kiss or talks to her. She ADORES him.
  • Anna has a very big need for human touch. She likes to have human contact at all times. She is not particular about who holds her and long as you have love in your heart. If you are busy she will settle for playing on her own with someone in eyesight. Mom loves this quality, even though it makes getting chores done a little difficult at times. 
  • Anna really likes being dressed up.  She still lets me adorn her with bows and braclets.  
  • She is getting very vocal. Loud squeals and exclamations are frequent.
  • We started baths in the big tub this past month and it was a hit. I think we have another water baby on our hands. Benjamin has taken a couple baths with Anna. Bath time is his favorite thing aside from outside. So sharing this with sister rocks his world. It can be a work out for me.
  • Breast milk is still her favorite food of choice. However, she does enjoy her cereal and food more and more. I reached my counting down stage with the whole pumping routine. Only 5 more months!
  • Anna wears mostly 9-12 months clothes. Some of those are starting to get small. She is really long/tall. Yeah!
  • Outside air calls to her. She drinks it in. She had a fever two weeks ago and the only way to get her to sleep was to take her out on the patio and let the fresh air do its thing.
  • Anna has a way of dispensing love to those around her. She has a way of brightening everyone's day, bringing strangers to happy tears, and sharing peace and joy with those around her.  
  • Anna has one tooth.

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