Thursday, September 6, 2012

Drinking Coffee and Talking About Jesus

One might think coffee is simply a morning pick-me-up.  But to our son Benjamin it has a completely different meaning.  It means love.  It means Nana and Papa.  It means talking about Jesus.

When his Nana and Papa come to town they stay the night and faithfully break out the coffee maker every morning and have a cup of liquid treat.  At least that is how Benjamin sees it.  Ever since Benjamin was tiny, Nana would tell him some day we are going to sit and drink coffee together and talk about Jesus.  This sweet confession of Nana's has turned into reality.  Every visit from his beloved Grandparents means he will get one on one attention full of songs and bible readings about Jesus.  And lets not forget his very own cup of Java.  (Its mostly milk, but don't tell him that.)

When he knows his Nana and Papa are at his house, he gets out of bed with a mission:  It's time to drink coffee and talk about Jesus.

You got to watch that Papa on the refills though.
He tends to be a little more generous on the coffee,  little less  on the milk.
I was able to get a sneak into the room to film a little bit of "talking about Jesus."

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