Friday, July 16, 2010

Cousin Pictures

Every 6 months we take the 3 cousins to get their pictures taken. Well, what started as a fun projects about a year ago has turned into a major event. It is a REALLY big deal to get 3 very active toddler boys to pose. Amanda and I were excited to get all boys even in the same frame. We had to forget about smiling or even all facing the camera. I am pretty sure our photographer never wanted to see our group again. At the end of this 2 hour event I came home and took a nap and thanked God repeatedly that I did not have triplet boys. Below are a few uncropped pictures. These were the best ones...haha. When they get a little more coperative we will probably up our quality of photographer we book.

Ethan - 25 mos, Tanner - 20 mos, Benjamin - 13 mos

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