Thursday, July 22, 2010

New York Trip- Forth of July

Every few years my family makes a trip to upstate New York to visit the rest of our family. This year was a special year to go for several reasons. First, Benjamin's Great- Grandparents had only seen pictures of him up until this point. Second, my brother Danny and awesome sister-in-law Amanda were coming with their three children, Hunter (8), Anita(7), and Tanner(1 1/2). Also, we going over the 4th of July so we could go to the annual Burdick-Church family (My Dad's side) in Pennsylvania. However, there was one downside to the trip. A major downside. We left Jonathan behind.
Nine days without your family can be long. I tried to make something fun for Jonathan by having a new gift to open each day we were gone. I even left a few gifts that were clearly picked out by Benjamin.

Here we are all excited and still excited about driving 18 to get there and another 18 hours back. Benjamin was still in his PJ's - what a sweetheart!

We stoped at my Great Uncle Jim's in Kentucky. He drove the kids around in the golf cart and then we all went fishing. Bejamin had a major meltdown about this time. He did great all day in the car so I didn't even mind.
For several hours Uncle Jim sat in this chair telling us stories about the my Great-Great-Grandparents. He aslo had my Great- Grandma's diary. We spent a lot of time looking through it. It was facinating to see all her thoughts as she recorded major events that happened in the lives of her nine kids.

We found the clipping of my Grandpa and Grandma's wedding.

There were details in the diary about family members that were in war. Her birth stories 8 or 9 which happend at home. (I am glad for hospitals and Epidurals)

Benjamin really enjoyed this day. New fun people, lots of room to run on the farm, and water. What more could he ask for?
We had 75 plus people at the reunion. Every 4th after we eat they call a meeting. At this time they record all events of the year, deaths, marriages, and births. They also take roll and record who was the youngest and oldest present. This year Benjamin was the youngest. What history to look through these old books and see forty years of reunion records and heritage.

I missed uploading the picture of my Grandma and Grandpa Hall meeting Benjamin for the 1st time. Silly blogger and having to think your post in reverse messes me up sometimes. I will do a post just about meeting the 3 Great-Grandparents later! It was all so sweet!

Benjamin playing in the creek with all the cousins and 2nd cousins. I spent hours of my life catching crawdads in this "crick." When we were kids Danny and I would swim in the creek with the other 15-20 cousins all at the reunion. It was really fun to watch our kids out there enjoying the fun.

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