Monday, August 2, 2010

The Greats

Last month was special for Benjamin and some of his Great-Grandparents that got to meet for the first time over our New York trip. He even got to meet Great-Great family members.
Here are few of the shots from those special moments.
Every family gathering taking place between July and August involves 3-4 dozen ears of sweet corn freshly harvested from the local farms. Benjamin was a pro. He now gets really excited when he sees corn on the cob is for dinner.
Great - Grandma A (my mom's mom) was loving all of the grand and great-grandchildren.
She took us to her usually "Friday Fish Fry."
Great-Grandma A!
Great -Grandma & Grandpa Hall meet Tanner and Benjamin for the first time! Also we are celebrating Grandma is officially in remission. No more cancer!
This another really warm day without air conditioning. So a trip to the store to find a pool to cool us all off was worth every penny. When I say all I mean adults too. We all pulled our chairs up to the pool and dangled our feet in the water as we visited fore several hours that afternoon.
Great-Grandma Hall taught Benjamin how to eat an ice cream cone. It was sweet.

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