Saturday, August 28, 2010


On Wednesday we got a call from Benjamin's Daycare that he hurt his leg and was having trouble standing/walking on it. We ended up taking him to urgent care. It is hard seeing your little boy hurt.
Here we are in the room waiting for the Doctor.
The doctor then sent us to imaging to get an x-ray. More waiting.

Daddy giving little man some hugs while we were waiting for the x-ray results.
He does not have any broken bones, thankfully. It is still bothering him to walk, but at least he is walking some these last two days. We know God is our healer and we will continue to see improvements. In the meantime I am taking advantage of my little man enjoying cuddletime. He normally has way too much to explore to stop and cuddle.

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  1. We know Jesus is his healer and Nana and Papa are praying for our #1 grandson! also for Mom and Dad! We love you, Nana