Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween 2010

I knew for weeks that we had a party at church the night of Halloween. In fact, I was signed up to help with games and food. I knew we needed costumes. So I am not sure what happened. It was hours before the party and I am rummaging through the closet for costumes. This is what we ended up with....

I was something that glows. I am not sure really. The theme was "Glow in the Dark" as sons of God. I had about 10 glow sticks around my neck and wore all of the brightest things I could find. Thankfully, Jonathan had some painfully bright hunting items. I piled it on despite the fact that neon orange is not my "color." Believe it or not the kids loved it. The necklace was hit. I was mobbed after the games as I attempted to give out the glow sticks. Basically, with kids you can make anything fun.

Benjamin's outfit was sitting in the closet since Christmas. Last year my parents built a house for a couple from the east (I forgot which country). They were so nice and gave us these fun outfits they made for their son. It was perfect. Surprisingly, Benjamin enjoyed wearing the hat all night.

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