Monday, November 8, 2010

Oh, Where is my toothbrush?

Most people know that I when I grew up we always had young kids in the home. Which meant there were always moments of distress due to lost items. Let me give you and example. Every Sunday. I really mean every Sunday morning for about three years involved a frantic search for my little sisters church shoes. Somehow they got lost every week. They would be under the coach, in the bookcase, or at the very bottom of the toy box. My parents would yell at all of us older kids to look harder and quicker until each shoe was found. I remember thinking as a child, "When I am older I will make sure my children do not do this. How hard can it be to make sure your toddler does not misplace things."

Welp, it has started happening in our house. Every. I really mean every night around bedtime we cannot find Benjamin's toothbrush. We look everywhere. At times I have to get Jonathan to help me look for one of his three toothbrushes we have floating around the house. Yesterday as we were looking through toy boxes and under the coach Jonathan said something that took me back to my childhood. With frustration he yelled, "Diana, how hard can it be to make sure he doesn't misplace his toothbrush." I got a little frustrated at him for about two seconds before I laughed at myself and thought about every Sunday morning looking for Daisy's shoes. I was so mad at my parents. Haha...I guess we end up doing things just like our parents after all. Even the silly things.

The next morning Benjamin was really upset one of his favorite toys would not work right. I came over to help. What was blocking the balls from going through the pipe? A toothbrush.

P.S. - For those that are tempted, please don't tell me ways to keep track of his toothbrush. I know what the problem is. If you look away for even 3 seconds when he is brushing he takes and hides it. He really likes to brush his teeth and likes to stick his toothbrush in small weird, special places.

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  1. I found Ava's toothbrush when I was trying to fit her travel high chair together. She had wedged it in one of the holes. haha, they are good at hiding those toothbrushes!!