Monday, September 19, 2011

Birth Day

Anna's Birthday was a special day. Everything went perfect. I thank God for His faithfulness and goodness. Here are a few more pictures from labor day. Thanks to a dear friend we have so many wonderful pictures to capture the sweetness of Anna's delivery. I have picked a few to share. There are so many good shots I think I am going to actually make a photo book and not just rely on my blog as my scrapbook. Here are a few for those Nanas and Greats that would have been here if they could have made it.

Daddy calling and texting everyone that Anna is here.

Benjamin getting to meet Anna for the first time.

Grandma loving on Anna. She has waited 10 years and 4 boys to finally get another grand-daughter. Thanks Grandpa for all those girl prayers.

Thanks Jen! You are a blessing!

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