Friday, August 26, 2011

Welcome Anna Elizabeth!

We are so excited and proud to introduce you to Anna Elizabeth. She arrived August 24th at 4:17 pm. It was a peaceful and special delivery day! I know we have family from afar that are anxiously awaiting pictures. I will give you a more detailed post later as I organize pictures. We had a sweet friend come take pictures at the hospital to capture those first precious moments. Here are some pictures to hold you over until I get more pictures ready...

She weighed 8.9 lbs and was 21 1/4 in long.

Benjamin loves his baby sister. He is delighted to have "baby" home. He walks around saying baby all day long. He is really trying with all his might to be gentle. It is really sweet.
My water broke at 1 a.m. Grandma came to stay with Benjamin and we heading to the hosiptal.
This is me two days before I delivered, trying to finish the nursery. I had a feeling she was going to come early. She ended up joining us 9 days before her due date.


  1. Yeah for baby Anna Elizabeth...I can't wait to see her! I can't believe she came so early. You've got a beautiful family! Congrats!

  2. Oh my goodness...she is PRECIOUS!! I agree with Mandy, your family is beautiful! :) I wish we had a FOSHAB reunion every 6 months instead of every year...I need to see you and this sweet baby girl soon!!