Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Benjamin's First Birthday Party

The Birthday started with putting together one of his gifts from Nana & Papa and Granddad & Grandmother. He loves his slide.
This about when I was getting Extremely nervous he would not take his naps. I did not want a melt down when all of the guests arrived. He was great and took in all of the attention like a professional. I am starting to think the more people the better he will do.
I love fruit salad! Posting this makes me want more.

How blessed Benjamin is to have such awesome Great-Grandparents!

Cousin Tanner. He is so cute!

We did had lots of great food!
Gracie sneaking a lick of the best dip ever! Thanks Evelyn for bringing it!
Dana made "Baby Jaguar" cookies. Benjamin is still a huge fan of Diego and he gets so excited when baby Jaguar is jumping around.

Nana Bouldin was such a help with getting ready for the party.

Giving one of those intense hugs!

Thank you for all of the gifts! What a blessing! They were all perfect.
By the way, Chuck the Dumptruck talks to us every day.

Cousings, toys, wrappers, and bubble machines! Wow, was this fun.

I love this picture.

Eating cake can be tough work.
Grandparents are the best. They took Benjamin for a quick bath while I kept the party running. He had cake everywhere!

Every Birthday party needs a pinata!

Thanks to all the family and friends who made his first birthday so special! We love you!

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