Saturday, May 8, 2010

Officially off the waiting list!

A few posts ago I mentioned Benjamin's babysitter got another job. He has been on several waiting lists at childcare centers in town since. I am happy to announce He has offically been given a spot and starts going in one week. My friend Ashley helped me out for a few weeks with watching Benjamin. Then my Mom went to part time at work to be able to help out the last month. I am so happy the wait is over and he will be enrolled this week! It will be good to get back in a routine.

Ashley's sweet girl, Kylie, is few months older. When she has the two of them together in the jogging stroller they like to hold hands. Something about little one year olds holding hands just makes your day.
I think we have found his favorite fruit. Kiwi. He seems to think it tastes much better when when he feeds himself. I am sure the mess is half the fun. He starts with a bib, but soon rips it off when it gets in his way. Even after a bath I still find seeds on him hours later.
At the end he gives me this look that says..."More Please."

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