Sunday, January 22, 2012

Anna's Room

We did not start decorating Anna's room until about 2.5 weeks before she arrived. My goal was to get through youth camp and then the next three weekends would go toward room prep. Well, she came early and things did not go exactly as planned. I actually just hung stuff for the first time the week after Christmas. Here are a few pictures of her room. Her room is a faint shade of purple. Please excuse the dark pictures. Jonathan is the only one that knows how to use the DSLR. So we had to use my faithful camera with flash.
Anna wrapped in her blanket from Miss Evelyn (Nan). What a wonderful lady.

It is hard to tell the lighting with this camera.
Her room is so bright and peaceful with the perfect amount of outside light.
I found this amazing crib on craiglist.

My good friend Ashley was so sweet
and painted beautiful letters I hung above her bed.
I love them.

My friend Dana painted the picture I hung it above my favorite chair.
I enjoy rocking my cuddle muffin in this chair.

This was my second pinterest craft. I brought a framed cork board from Hobby Lobby on 50% off day. Took out the cork backing. Then stapled ribbons to the frame to hold her bows. I have even more bows now. Girls are just so much fun!
Time to be real. I have yet to get a cloths bin for her room.
So we have a beautiful pink pile in the corner.

There are a few more projects I am working on for her room and then it will be done.
I have had a few requests to show some pictures of the progress so far.
Hopefully I can mark this project complete soon.

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