Saturday, January 21, 2012

Big Bed

I have noticed I major change in parenting when you have more than one child. When you have the first child there is the constant burning question, Is our baby ready for_____? As a new parent you are trying to figure out all the stages and developmental steps. When is it time to dispose of the plug (pacifier)? When do we introduce food? Is he ready for exersaucer play? The new parent is exactly that, new. You are looking to the child to decide what to induce and leave behind. The parent with more than one child learns a new question. When am I ready for the next stage? As a parent you still are looking at your child's ques for the next stage, but I am hearing in my head the new burning question. Am I really ready for that?

It all started when I became pregnant with Anna. We had to decide what to do about the room situation. Benjamin was still in his crib and about 18 months. Let me just say he LOVED his crib. At first I was all about switching rooms and transitioning him to a toddler bed. Then that question started ringing in my head. AM I ready for that? Ready to make sure he stays in all night? Ready to give up the security of knowing he is safe and not spreading butter all over my kitchen walls(true story)? I am I ready to give up the ability to say, "just play in your crib a little more while mom just sleeps 5 more minutes?" Well, the answer was no. Why would I do that to myself? So we decided to purchase another crib and get a toddler bed later. Best decision ever.

Well, Benjamin spent the nearly another year in his crib. Even though he figured out how to crawl out he would obey and stay. Apparently he had a new years resolution to take things to the next level. On New Years' Day he decided he could not wait a second longer for me to finish nursing Anna to rescue him from the crib. He has such a cute face full of pride, adventure, and sneakiness when he open his door that first day. I laughed so hard. From that moment it was over. He got out and mom laughed, therefore it is okay. So toddler bed, here we come....

Benjamin vibrated with excitement the whole afternoon we took off the side off his crib. The next few hours he spent climbing in and out of his bed on his own accord.
We made a mistake the first night. Big one. We did not go buy the side rail for his bed. He woke up every hour that first night. He fell out a few times and I think he missed the comfort and security of the crib.
The first thing we did after church the next day was purchase a side rail for his bed.

Anna was laughing hard at Brother.
Benjamin was beyond excited. It was hard not to catch the giggles from his contagious laugh.

"Big Bed" + cuddling with George and Sister + Razorback blanket = Sheer delight

"Big Bed"
His animals got a turn to get in and out of bed on their own.

And he topped off the transition with a "hallelujah."

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